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This is AudioHead

In South Africa’s growing retail industry filled with crowded hypermarkets, monotonous electronic chains and absent music outlets comes an innovative concept store that combines style, technology, entertainment and the deep-lying passion for music. AudioHead is South Africa’s first exclusive online store for high-quality headphones, earphones and related accessories such as portable headphone amplifiers and DAC’s for high fidelity portable listening as well as desktop systems for use at home or at the office. AudioHead features the world’s finest headphones from brands renowned for their sound, design and style to suit every musical taste, sound preference and budget of the more discerning listener.

Johan Deysel conceived the idea in 2013 and, with a lot of love and hard work, created AudioHead in 2018 after realising that most big retailers had little to no understanding of niche electronic accessories like headphones or earphones. Similarly, consumers had little understanding or options to choose from. And so, it is our commitment to personalise and enlighten your listening experience as much as possible.

All for the love of music!

Help Us Help You

We don’t believe in hiding that we are a young company. We are young, innovative and completely committed to changing the way South Africans buy great headphone products. We love music more than anyone else and want to build the best home for the finest headphones. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please let us know so we may help. At AudioHead we are committed to finding you exactly what you desire. That is our pledge to you (and to music).

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Why AudioHead?

A Unique Headphone for Everyone

We know that each person needs a unique listening experience suited to their personality and so there is the right headphone for everyone: from an artist in the studio to a fitness buff, an audiophile, or a business traveller.

We believe in bringing the best music listening devices from around the world to South Africa’s music-loving community. Be it headphones, earphones, high-resolution music players, headphone amps and DACs or complementing accessories, we aim to offer whatever your taste or style desires.

The World’s Finest Headphones

It is our mission to feature brands that introduce you to a premium music listening experience. At AudioHead, you will only find genuine and original products that are backed by their genuine warranties.

AudioHead is an authorised retailer for all of its brands and we are very serious about fighting against counterfeits and fakes. We love music and we are passionate about headphones and have therefore carefully curated our collection to offer you only the best headphone products out there.

Talk to a Headphone Expert

We want to help you enjoy your favourite music in the best quality, style and comfort possible. Talking to our headphone experts will ensure you make the right pick. At AudioHead we aim to educate and guide so you may know what the options are that suite your musical and listening taste. It’s our priority that you’re having the best music listening experience possible in your budget. So, we won’t rest until you are completely satisfied and you shouldn’t settle for less either.

Johan Deysel, Director of AudioHead

A Word from our Founder

In 2013 I was looking for a pair of great earphones and did not want to settle for just anything. Despite my desperate search, I couldn’t find any place in South Africa where I could compare a range of fine products and confidently make my decision. Later that year I travelled to Bangkok and found exactly what I wanted. And so, the idea for AudioHead was conceived and with a lot of hard work and love this home was built to house the finest headphone products out there so you may discover true listening pleasure whatever your taste, style or preference.

I vividly remember my childhood years enjoying my favourite songs on my back on the floor with my dad’s very old Pioneer headset. Those were some of the best moments of my young life. And, just like that, my passion for headphones and for music grew larger. Those moments planted the seed of a deep passion for music which grew into a beautiful blossoming tree. I ended up spending my entire life involved with and dedicated to music, became an opera singer and married a professional musician with whom I travel the world for performances on the largest pipe organs you can imagine – thrilling and life-changing.

In recent years my love for music and super-fine quality audio grew deeper which introduced me to the world of live music recording. I fervently searched for knowledge on recording live classical orchestras and became involved in producing a number of recordings, including an album for the world-renowned Scottish organist Gordon Steward about which I am very excited.

I am a keen musician, technology buff and enthusiast, I love gadgets, I love the outdoors and I love helping people. As a part-time, I enjoy a good competitive game of tennis, fine-art photography, a glass of great wine and writing poetry.

I hope that my story will inspire you to help us build the best home for the finest headphones South Africa has ever seen and I hope that our deep love for music will be evident throughout our website and business.

We thank you for your support and want you to know that we are completely committed to helping you find exactly what you desire.

Yours Truly,

Signature, Johan Deysel - Founder of AudioHead