Klipsch Headphones, Earphones & DACs

If you are looking to buy Klipsch Headphones and DACs in South Africa, you have come to the right place.

Klipsch was founded in 1946 by American audio pioneer Paul W. Klipsch and was one of the very first American loudspeaker creators. PWK was a verifiable genius, madman and maverick who liked to break the rules. This attitude and strive for audio excellence lead to the design of the legendary Klipschhorn, still in production today.

Klipsch is known worldwide as an uncompromising, “no bullshit” audio company that produces some of the best speakers and headphones out there. Their range of THX certified speakers is used in top cinemas across the globe.

Klipsch headphones, earphones and DACs share the same passion for exceptional audio and design. The Heritage HP-3 headphones offer a detailed sound with inviting warmth and superior efficiency. The Klipsch Heritage Amplifier and DAC delivers stunning sound and the range of Klipsch in-ear earphones offer a musicality that will transport you to another dimension on your travels.