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Audeze LCD-2 Planar Magnetic Audiophile Headphones (Bamboo, Leather-free)

The beautifully handcrafted LCD-2, the planar magnetic headphone that put Audeze on the high-end map, delivers audiophile quality, low-distortion sound that articulates the power and nuance of your favourite music. The LCD-2 is the most forgiving of poor recordings in the LCD Collection with a beautiful, musically rich presentation that communicates the warmth, power and glory of music.

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Absolute Sound Fidelity. Nothing Less.

The Audeze LCD-2 Planar Magnetic Headphones are designed for personal Hi-Fi listening and professional studio use when connected to an external headphone amplifier or integrated amplifier. Instead of utilizing traditional dynamic cone drivers, these headphones implement a Neodymium magnetic planar transducer design to deliver a frequency response of 10 Hz to 50 kHz with a THD (total harmonic distortion) of less than 1%, an impedance of 70 Ohm, an efficiency of 93 dB per 1 mW, and a total output SPL of over 130 dB when driven by 15 Watts.

Audeze LCD-2 Planar Magnetic Design

Exclusive LCD-2 planar magnetic technology

Acoustically engineered for beautiful sound

Audeze’s innovative planar magnetic technology delivers an astonishingly lifelike sound.

Diaphragms thinner than a human hair

Audeze uses space-age materials in a near weightless diaphragm that’s four times larger than typical headphones for fast response times, dramatically reduced distortion, higher resolution and improved imaging.

Near zero distortion

Double-sided magnet arrays deliver a uniform driving force across the entire diaphragm for near zero distortion.

Internal soundwaves

Patented Fazor™ Elements guide internal headphone soundwaves to avoid resonance producing a more accurate waveform.

What is a Planar Magnetic Driver?

Planar Magnetic technology differs from traditional dynamic cone driver designs by suspending a thin lightweight diaphragm within a parallel magnetic plane comprised of an array of magnets. The diaphragm is much lighter when compared to a traditional dynamic cone and has a printed circuit spread across a thin-film substrate on the surface of the diaphragm, as opposed to a cone attached to a voice coil. When the audio signal from the amplifier reaches the circuit, it magnetizes the diaphragm within the field and produces sound.

How Does Planar Magnetic Technology Make The Music Sound Amazing?

The benefits of a magnetic planar design include faster transient response due to the lighter diaphragm, a wide frequency with low distortion, better heat dissipation, fewer moving parts for greater durability without the kind of sonic degradation that cones are susceptible to, and better amplifier compatibility because the circuit functions as an almost entirely restive load.

The planar magnetic driver and Fazor Technology give the Audeze LCD-2 its renowned extended bass response, smooth, inviting midrange, and warm high frequencies that creates a listening experience that makes believers out of even casual music listeners.

Engineered And Handcrafted In The USA

The LCD-2 is thoroughly engineered for long-term comfort and beautiful sound. Audeze closely matches their planar transducers and their beautiful factory-made wood rings by grain and colour. They also match the earpads by leather texture and colour. Microsuede headbands and earcups that are filled with foam carefully selected for best sound and contribute to the level of comfort during long listening sessions. Pair the LCD-2 with a quality headphone amplifier or integrated amp for best sound.

Audeze LCD-2 Planar Magnetic Audiophile Headphones (Bamboo, Leather)
Audeze LCD-2 Planar Magnetic Audiophile Headphones (Bamboo, Leather)

Industrial design by Audeze

You’ll be proud of how the LCD-2 sounds and it’s also imbued with sophisticated looks and beautiful hand-made rings. The quality of the entire structure guarantees years of trouble-free listening. Audeze’s cutting-edge designs and circuit technologies have created an astonishingly beautiful sounding headphone.

Beautifully Handcrafted with Attention to Detail

Acoustic Seal

Open Back

Detachable Cable


Driver Type

Planar Magnetic

Frequency Response

10 Hz – 50 kHz

Headphone Type

Circumaural (around ear)


70 Ohm

Noise Attenuation

Not Disclosed By Manufacturer

Nominal SPL

130 dB


Not Specified by Manufacturer